Multiple Microphones

TorkilsMicMuter toggles the mute state for the default microphone in Windows.

If you have multiple microphones (e.g. one in your headset and one in your webcam), and TorkilsMicMuter does not work correctly, then check that the microphone that you use is the default microphone. You may also consider disabling the microphone(s), you are not using.

You can also inspect the mute status of each of your microphones by

  1. Right clicking TorkilsMicMuter icon in the taskbar.
  2. Click "Open Sound Control Panel ...".
  3. Select "Recording" tab.
  4. Double click a microphone.
  5. Click "Levels" tab.
  6. The speaker symbol to the right shows the current mute state, as illustrated below.
    For the default microphone, the symbol will toggle when you press the mute toggle key in TorkilsMicMuter.