TorkilsTaskSwitcher is a utility, which provides an alternative, replacement or supplement to Windows' Alt-Tab invoked task switcher. Particularly for keyboard enthusiasts.

If you often have many open windows, you may have found yourself doing

Alt-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-[release Alt]
Alt-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-Tab-"ooops, I got too far"-BackTab-[release Alt]

to switch between windows/applications.

With TorkilsTaskSwitcher, you can instead use

Win-Tab [shortcut key]

to switch to your favorite applications.


The set of applications - and their associated shortcut keys - is fully configurable, and the traditional Alt-Tab task switcher is still available.

TorkilsTaskSwitcher also allows you to view a list of currently open windows and switch to any of them.

Screen Dumps

When pressing Win-Tab this GUI is shown. Next just press a shortcut key to switch to the window of one of your favorite applications.


If [Windows >>] is clicked, then the GUI gets expanded with a list of currently open windows:

You can then choose to switch to a window, which does not have a preconfigured shortcut. You can also close windows by pressing Delete.

Launch Applications

Each shortcut can optionally be configured such, that if the requested window does not exist then TorkilsTaskSwitcher will start the application for you.

E.g. unaware, that you have not yet started Outlook, you press "Win-Tab o" to read your email. TorkilsTaskSwitcher will then look for the Outlook window, and - when not found - it will start Outlook.

System Requirements

TorkilsTaskSwitcher works on the following operating systems:

Is it Safe?

TorkilsTaskSwitcher is developed in AHK (AutoHotkey) and some antivirus programs tend to generate false positives for AHK programs., from where TorkilsTaskSwitcher can also be downloaded, has classified TorkilsTaskSwitcher as "100% Clean".

If in doubt of whether TorkilsTaskSwitcher is safe, then try scanning torkilstaskswitcher.exe with your anti-virus program or try uploading torkilstaskswitcher.exe to, and judge for yourself.