Change Log

1.041, December 2013:
Removed taskbar button.
Maximum width of "Windows" GUI reduced.

1.040, October 2013:
Corrected bug in 1.039, which is triggered when TorkilsTaskSwitcher discovers availability of newer version.
This normally causes an "Update to xyz" link in upper right corner, but due to this bug the following error occurs instead: "Error: Invalid option. Specifically: s5 ...".
When this occurs you need to manually upgrade to 1.040, or later.
Since 1.039 was only available for download for <24 hours, few should be affected by this bug.

1.039, October 2013:
Default shortcuts updated to Windows 7.
Updated to new compiler version.

1.037, September 2012:
Help related improvements.

1.036, September 2012:
Default "shortcuts.cfg" now embedded in torkilstaskswitcher.exe, thereby avoiding problems with failing download of "shortcuts.cfg" due to security/firewall settings.

1.035, September 2012:
Improved error handling when download of default "shortcuts.cfg" fails.

1.034, September 2012:
Bugfix: Windows list failed if any process name contained '+'.
Bugfix: If '+' was used as shortcut key, then it was incorrectly shown as "Shift-" in GUI.

1.032, March 2012:
Bugfix: Windows list failed if any process name contained '-'.

Added configuration of "Run at Startup" to tray icon menu (right-click).

Trailing spaces in "Key=" in shortcuts.cfg now accepted.

Added support for CommandDir in shortcuts file (see documentation here).
Various minor corrections & enhancements.

Added support for TitleRegExpNeg in shortcuts file (see documentation here).
To enable pattern matching by virus checkers, file format of torkilstaskswitcher.exe is no longer packed.
Fixed problem with lack of focus when Windows' Start menu was active when pressing Win-Tab.
Menu behaviour improved.
Various minor corrections.

Initial release.