TorkilsMicMuter is a utility, that allows you to use a shortcut key on your keyboard to toggle the mute state of your microphone along with visible - and configurable - on-screen signalling of the current mute state.

The microphone is muted within Windows, and muting thus works independently of the conferencing application used (Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, etc).

Mute state can also be toggled by clicking TorkilsMicMuter's icon in the taskbar. 

On Screen Mute Status

Mute state can be signalled with semitransparent corner notifications:

If you - while muted - move the mouse to a corner notification, then that corner notification is automatically removed.

For multi-monitor configurations, corner notifications are shown on all monitors.

Notification Configuration

To configure mute notifications, right click TorkilsMicMuter's icon in the taskbar:

Shortcut Configuration

The shortcut key for toggling mute state is configurable.

Also, a shortcut key for refreshing corner notifications can be configured.

System Requirements

TorkilsMicMuter has only been tested with Windows 10, but may work with other Windows versions.

Is it Safe?

TorkilsMicMuter is developed in AHK (AutoHotkey) and some antivirus programs tend to generate false positives for AHK programs. E.g. Avast at first required an exception for TorkilsMicMuter, but after filing a "suspected false positive report" Avast has removed TorkilsMicMuter 1.002 from their blacklist.

TorkilsTaskSwitcher has been tested and reviewed by a couple of software download sites:

If in doubt of whether TorkilsMicMuter is safe, then try scanning torkilsmicmuter.exe with your anti-virus program or try uploading torkilsmicmuter.exe to, and judge for yourself.