Change Log

1.007, February 2023:
Fixed bug, which could cause corner notifications sometimes not to appear on top of other windows.

1.006, November 2022:
Performance improvement: Corner notifications are updated faster when shortcut key is pressed.

1.005, November 2022:
Added "push-to-talk" functionality (sometimes also referred to as "walkie talkie" mode):
When the configured shortcut key is pressed, mute state is toggled. But if the shortcut key is held for more than 0.5 seconds, then the mute state is toggled (back) again, when the key is released.

1.004, November 2021:
Corrected muting for some USB audio adapters, which did not work with 1.003 (e.g. Logitech).
Added support for configurable corner notification size: Small, medium or large. Configurable through system tray menu (right click on system tray icon).
A few minor bug fixes.

1.003, February 2021:
Added support for shortcut key for refreshing corner notifications.
Minor bugfix regarding initial shortcut key configuration.
Minor graphics updates.

1.002, December 2020:
'Z' added to list of possible shortcut keys.

1.001, December 2020:
Initial version.